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7 Reasons Why an Escape Room is Perfect for Team Building

Escape the Office and start Team Building! Get Out Together!

Get the team out of the office and into a highly immersive escape room experience. Your group will have to work together under pressure to solve multiple puzzles that are sure to engage different players’ strengths. Escape the office for an hour of team building and see if your team has what it takes to Get Out!

Not convinced?

Here are SEVEN REASONS why an escape room is the perfect team building activity.

1.Your Team Can Discover Strengths They Didn’t Know They Had

Getting outside of the office setting, you might discover strengths in your employees that you never knew they possessed. Maybe some employees are wonderful at word puzzles. Perhaps the “quiet” person on your team works wonders under pressure and becomes the natural leader of the group. With a variety of different puzzles and scenarios, there is something for all players. Your team might surprise you and surprise themselves as well.

2.Teams are Encouraged to Communicate

You can’t just put on your headphones and block out others in an escape room. You are all in one room and working together to complete your game’s objective. Throughout the game, there may be multiple puzzles that require great communication. Having your team practice communicating in a game environment where the stakes aren’t as high as some work projects is sure to foster trust that can carry over when you return to the office.

3.It’s Just Long Enough to be Fun, and Short Enough to Step Away From the Office

For some companies, the hardest thing about planning a team building activity is finding a time where everyone can go and sticking to it. With escape rooms, many will have flexible schedules for corporate bookings. They can help make sure you pick the best time for your team. And with most escape games lasting about an hour, it’s hard to pass up on such a fun activity that is in a perfect window of time.

Another added bonus of choosing an escape game for team building is the fact that it’s an indoor activity. No need to worry about being in the heat or worrying about the weather. Just book your time and enjoy!

4. Your Team Can Escape the Ordinary and Think in Different Ways

Having meetings in the same conference rooms might lead to the same ideas. Trying something new and immersive will get the team thinking outside the box and looking for solutions to puzzles in ways they haven’t before.

Being in a themed and highly immersive escape room environment, players often forget the pressures of the office and are focused on their goal: To work together to escape. Giving your team a goal that isn’t directly tied to their day to day work allows them to think in new ways and experience a new side of their team they may have never noticed.

Some escape room venues, like here at Get Out!, even have a dedicated meeting space where companies and teams can hold meetings to either discuss their experience, or just have a celebratory event before their big escape experience.

5. Everyone Can Play

Finding a team building activity that the whole team can participate in isn’t easy. Whether it be physical restrictions or medical concerns, it’s important to have your whole team included. Escape rooms are a great activity for all and Get Out! has designed their rooms to be fun and engaging for everyone. Choosing an escape room can ensure that everyone has fun.

Large Groups? No problem! Everyone can join in on the fun. No one gets left out.

6. Add an Element of Friendly Competition

Have a large group? Teams can be split up between rooms to accommodate everyone. Add an element of competition and have teams race to see who can escape first!

7. The Experience Can Continue

Many escape rooms offer more than one game, which means you can come back again and play!

For example, at Get Out! Escape Room Orlando, all of our rooms are connected by one principal plot. So once you finish one game, it leaves you excited for the next. You can plan multiple trips to play our games throughout the year to help fuel the fun and creativity on your team.

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Does your team have what it takes to Get Out?

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