Your Story Awaits You.....

Life, and the world we see around us, was created through an eternal source of limitless energy. Civilizations throughout human history have retold stories of this vessel and have given this power several different names over time. Today, it is revered as The Nexus. In the beginning, The Nexus exploded to form the cosmos and divided into its four elements -what we’ve come to know as Sparks. Following the explosion, the four Sparks continued to accelerate throughout the vast expanse of space. A natural magnetism exists between the Sparks that allows the others to be traced and when assembled, the four elements fuse to enhance each other’s potency. Thus, the Nexus wields unlimited power with a maximum threshold capable of creating, or destroying, an entire universe, along with everything in between.

The Aeon Spark established our concept and understanding of time. Over 4000 years ago, and billions of years after the explosion of the Nexus, the Aeon Spark barreled towards our planet and crash landed in Egypt’s Nile River. The first of the four elements to reach Earth, The Aeon Spark was retrieved from the water by two fishermen and immediately delivered to Pharoah Khafra. Unsure of the mysterious artifact’s origin and capabilities, Pharoah Khafra ordered the construction of The Great Sphinx of Giza to safeguard this hyper advanced technology upon his death. This would be the first time since the combustion of the Nexus that any one element remained stationary and over the next few millennia, the remaining Sparks began to appear all around the globe. We believe the magnetism between the Sparks is what drew them to Earth with the Aeon Spark serving as an anchor.

When its power is concentrated, the Aeon Spark allows navigation backward and forward along the timeline. Long ago, the founders of our agency, The Temporal Displacement Bureau, came into possession of the Aeon Spark and established the TDB for the purpose of exploring time travel. We have the technology to harness the power of the Aeon Spark and use it to triangulate the destinations, and times, of each Spark’s location.

Time travel in and of itself is highly sensitive and because of this, a strong system of regulation had to be established. One small adjustment to the past may seem insignificant but could potentially create immense, unforeseeable ripples along the fabric of time. Strict criteria for Aeon Spark usage requires the objective for every leap be limited to retrieval of a Spark. Any other missions are considered non-essential and will therefore never receive clearance.

The risk of allowing such power to fall into the wrong hands could lead to a dire, catastrophic, extinction level event. We refuse to take that risk. It is our firm belief that we must locate the three remaining pieces of the Nexus and bring them under our guard. However, over time we have witnessed other entities who are also on the hunt to acquire the Sparks to further their own agendas.

Our primary threat is a secret society known as L.I.G.H.T. – The Legion of Interspatial Guardians Harvesting Tomorrow. Little is known about their history, but their motivations are clear: retrieve the Aeon Spark, along with every other component of the Nexus. L.I.G.H.T. believes the gift of life has been wasted on mankind and wish to use the Nexus to recreate the universe based on their own interpretation of perfection. Exhibiting an overzealous God-complex, this philosophy is in direct conflict with the ideals that serve as the foundation of the TDB: to maintain peace, equilibrium, and natural order within the universe as much as possible.

Although they possess an incredible volume of energy, each Spark may be drained of its power if overused. Our intel has revealed the only known power source for Aeon Spark regeneration to be buried deep within the Sphinx and we are currently unaware if any other Spark may be regenerated by similar means. Because of these limitations, the rift portals that are torn by the Aeon Spark to allow time travel must be rationed accordingly and can only be sustained for one-hour. The time constraints placed on each mission requires every leap to be thoroughly planned and highly coordinated. As a result, we can only afford to send our best and brightest minds into the field to locate and retrieve the remaining Sparks. This is why we’ve reached out to you.

The TDB is not aligned with any country or governing body. Our principle objective is to gather the components of the Nexus and protect the people of Earth. Because of your exceptional intellect and ability to think critically under pressure, our recruiters have selected you as a prime candidate to join our cause in the fight to preserve the future. We’re thrilled to bring you on board. Welcome to the Temporal Displacement Bureau. Let’s get to work!


Aeon Spark

Built over 4000 years ago, and still standing strong to this day, The Great Sphinx of Giza is widely understood to serve as the security and protector of the pharaohs who are entombed within the neighboring pyramids. The modern-day Sphinx has been transformed into a more tourist centered attraction with a tour of The Khafra Museum found within the left paw chamber. However, the right paw of the Sphinx, dubbed the Hall of Records, remains restricted from the public. Folklore surrounding the forbidden right paw eventually evolved into full blown conspiracy theory that created the mythos of hyper advanced technology and mystical artifacts being housed in this chamber of the Sphinx. Although seeming outlandish, as with any story, there must be some kernels of truth. Deep within the confines of this structure lies the point of discovery for the Aeon Spark here on Earth.

On an eerily calm, starry night in 2500 BC, Issamunrau, a lowly beggar and thief, wandered his way through the Pyramid Complex in Egypt’s Western Desert. His intentions were straightforward – raid the monuments in hopes of finding treasure and wealth. As he made his way through the desert sands, a bright beaming green light shone from the eyes of the Sphinx towards him and Issamunrau was entranced by the mysterious glow. As though possessed, he followed the allure of the Sphinx’s gaze until he stood directly in front of the mythical creature’s right paw. In the twinkling of an eye, the ground beneath him opened and swallowed Issamunrau whole. Having fallen through a security trap door, he suddenly found himself imprisoned within the walls of the Great Sphinx.

In a disoriented and frantic state of panic, Issamanrau hurried to his feet and immediately began searching the room for any means to escape. Having to traverse several obstacles and boobie traps, he finally made his way through the chambers of the Sphinx and discovered the hidden exit. Upon completion of his final task, Issamanrau inadvertently triggered the release of a mysterious emerald. Being the thief that he was, Issamanrau snatched the artifact and made his way back to the market looking to trade his newfound treasure for whatever he could get his hands on. Little did he know, Issamanrau had absconded with the Aeon Spark.

Trade after trade after trade, the Aeon Spark gradually made its way around the globe and throughout history has been used to influence world events, both good and bad, depending on who was in possession at the time. Eventually, it made its way into the hands of the men and women who would go on to establish the Temporal Displacement Bureau.

The Aeon Spark must be used sparingly to preserve its utility. When it has been completely depleted, time travel, as we know it, will no longer be possible. However, the Aeon Spark’s source of power regeneration remains secured inside the Hall of Records. In addition to the ancient Egyptian’s security measures within the Sphinx, the TDB has installed its own defense protocol as an added barrier to any outside party who may be on the hunt.  Every so often we must return to the Hall to charge the Aeon Spark as fuel for our expeditions through time. An emergency supply run of sorts, this mission is of paramount importance as we continue our search for the remaining pieces of the Nexus.

Gate Spark

“There is a conservation of matter and of energy, there may be a conservation of life; or if not of life, of something which transcends life.”

Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge

Our perception of reality exists as merely that; perception. Because energy cannot be created nor destroyed, the energy that is housed within every living being must eventually transfer when it is time for the mind and body to separate in this realm. Responsible for the separation of multiple dimensions, the Gate Spark allows for the augmentation of reality and serves as a bridge between the physical and spiritual planes of existence.

Harry Houdini is generally regarded as one of the greatest illusionists and escape artists to ever walk the Earth. Using the Aeon Spark’s magnetic readings, we have reason to believe a connection to the Gate Spark has been traced back to Harry Houdini himself. Our intel has revealed that over the course of his illustrious career, Houdini came into possession of the Gate Spark.  Upon discovering the artifact’s ability to warp reality, Houdini began incorporating this power into some of his more elaborate stage illusions and his greatest escapes.

The Gate Spark granted Houdini endless potential to wow his audience with one of his most notable illusions being the “Vanishing Elephant”. During the performance, Houdini led the crowd to believe he could make a full sized adult elephant disappear. Many scoffed at the notion of a 10,000-pound animal vanishing into thin air at the hand of a slight man claiming to possess a gift for magic. But skeptics and believers alike were astonished when that’s exactly what they saw. In reality, Harry channeled the power of the Gate Spark to bend reality and create the illusion of nothingness where the gigantic mammal once stood.

Sadly, Houdini was forced to face a very real, inevitable reality on October 31, 1926, when he succumbed to peritonitis compounded by a ruptured appendix at the age of 52. Prior to his death, he and his devoted wife, Bess, made a pact that if it were possible, he would communicate with her from beyond the grave. And to prove it was truly him, Houdini and Bess agreed on a confirmation phrase: “Rosabelle, believe!” (a reference to the couple’s favorite musical tune of the same name) to confirm that she had, indeed, contacted him and that he was at peace in the world beyond.

Ever the masterful magician, Houdini always placed his craft above all and, even in death, he remained the ultimate showman. The unspoken Magician’s Code requires that no individual should divulge the secrets of the craft and because of this, Houdini took his hidden knowledge of the Gate Spark with him to the grave. Unsure of what was to come in the afterlife, Houdini prepared the Gate Spark, in secret, to accept his consciousness as a conduit just before taking his final breath.

When the time came, Bess was distraught over the tragic loss of her husband and was unable to come to terms with the fact that he was no longer among the living. So much so, that every year on the anniversary of his death, she strategically placed Harry’s belongings around a room and performed a séance desperately hoping to communicate with her beloved husband one last time. Immediately following his death, Bess lit a candle in remembrance of Houdini that continued to burn for 10 years. However, after her 10th attempt at contacting her late husband was unsuccessful, she put out the flame and conceded defeat. Paradoxically, it was widely believed that Bess’ attempts to achieve communication were thwarted by her inability to fully accept her husband’s death.

The strongest and most recent reading we have for the whereabouts of the Gate Spark date back to the Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood, California on the night of October 31, 1936. It was on this night, the tenth anniversary of his passing, that the activity for the Gate Spark reached its highest concentration and we believe Houdini was using it to attempt communication with Bess from the hereafter. Your mission requires you to travel back in time to investigate the makeshift séance chamber in the Knickerbocker Hotel on that fateful night and uncover, by any means necessary, the location of the Gate Spark.